Tile is a classic kitchen flooring option owing to its durability, resistance to water and physical damage, and easy clean-up. But with all of the varieties of tile available, choosing the right one for your kitchen can be a difficult, or even overwhelming task. To help simplify the process, our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Millstone have created this guide to help you learn the key facts of some common varieties of kitchen tile.

Ceramic Tile

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Ceramic tile comes from clay which has been exposed to temperatures of over 1000°C! As a result of this heating, the clay transforms into a solid and highly durable substance that we call ceramic. Ceramic makes great tools as well as excellent flooring.

Ceramic tile is highly resistant to water damage, highly durable, and easily cleaned. This makes it one of the most practical flooring options for the kitchen area, where spills and high foot-traffic are abundant. On top of its practicality, ceramic tile comes in a variety of shapes and colors, which make it stylistically diverse. Whether you need its natural soft whites or you prefer to invoke another stone color, ceramic tiles will give any design a naturalistic look and feel.

One thing to note is the difference between ceramic tile and porcelain tile. In essence, porcelain tile is almost identical to ceramic tile but possesses a slightly higher resistance to water. It’s considered slightly more upscale than ordinary ceramic and is slightly more expensive as a result. Both, however, produce great results in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Stone Tile

stone tile flooring in Monmouth CountyIf you have an expanded budget, then stone tile flooring is an option you should definitely consider. Stone tiles are tiles cut from a hundred percent naturally occurring stone, and they offer unmatched visual interest because of this. You are guaranteed to feel a sense luxury and refinement wherever you find stone tile flooring. Stone is also extremely long-lasting, very resistant to scratches and water damage, and easy to clean.

One thing you should know is that different types of stone will have different maintenance requirements and different levels of water resistance. For wet areas like the kitchen, you should consider installing marble, granite, travertine, and slate, which are some of the most common stone tile varieties available.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

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Luxury vinyl tiles combine an affordable price point with a surprising list of positive benefits, namely: comfort underfoot, more waterproof than the other options on this list, and extremely stylistically diverse. Since vinyl is made to look like other materials, you’ll be choosing which kind of faux imitation you most prefer. But luckily, luxury vinyl tiles can produce extremely realistic imitations that are near identical to other floors in terms of appearance. LVT makes an excellent flooring choice for wet areas like the kitchen thanks to its durability and extremely high water resistance.

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