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Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options in the United States. This should come as no surprise to folks who know about its amazing benefits. Despite being a strong, gorgeous, and sustainable flooring option, there are many myths surrounding hardwood flooring. Here at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we are here to set the record straight. Here are the four most common hardwood myths:

“Hardwood is expensive.”

It’s true that hardwood has a large upfront cost compared to carpeting or laminate, however, it has a much lower long term cost. That’s because when it’s properly maintained, hardwood can last for generations. In addition, hardwood floors add value to your home, so when you sell, you can recoup some of the initial investment.

“Hardwood is fragile.”

There are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating a flooring material for its durability. For hardwood, the main thing to consider is its species. The most common hardwoods—oak, maple, and birch—are more than strong enough to meet the demands of most Monmouth County homeowners. For pet owners and large families, a tougher domestic hardwood like hickory or any exotic hardwood may be a better option.

“Hardwood is hard to maintain.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, hardwood is one of the easiest flooring materials to maintain. Simply keep it free from dust and debris by sweeping or vacuuming at least once per week, and you’re good to go. The occasional refinish can also restore any lost luster and extend the life of your hardwood.

“Hardwood is bad for the environment.”

Depending on where your hardwood is sourced, it can actually be very environmentally friendly. Most hardwoods are domestic hardwoods, which means that they’re grown in North America. These hardwood options—oak, birch, maple, pine, hickory, and ash, to name a few—are great options for eco-conscious consumers.

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