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At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we help families living in the greater Monmouth and Ocean County area find their dream flooring. Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring options in Monmouth County because of its warmth underfoot. Many of our customers ask us for tips to maintain their new, custom carpeting. Here are 5 ways to make sure your carpets last for decades:

1. Vacuum

Most Americans do not vacuum their carpets enough. According to the experts, we should vacuum at least once per week. Vacuuming helps reduce the wear and tear on your carpet by removing dirt and debris that causes discoloration and damage over time.

2. Steam Clean

Vacuuming does not reach deep within your carpet’s fibers. That is why it’s essential to have your carpeting professionally steam cleaned annually. This is well worth the modest investment because it extends the life of your carpet. You can also rent consumer-grade steam cleaners from your local home improvement store, although it will not do as good a job.

3. Use Floor Mats and Rugs

Our floors do not experience wear evenly. The areas that we spend the most time walking on show their age first. You can protect high foot traffic areas from damage with a floor mat or area rug. Entryways are great locations for mats.

4. Take Off Your Shoes

Shoes track in dust, dirt, and grit that we do not want on our carpets. Simply institute a no-shoes policy in your home, and you will quickly notice a decrease in dirt—especially around entrances.

5. Move Furniture Around

Over time, carpeting will change color when exposed to the sun. That’s why it’s important to move your furniture around every so often. Otherwise, the carpeting underneath your couch or wardrobe will maintain its original hue while the exposed carpeting will age more quickly.

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