monmouth county hardwood floor stain

Staining hardwood flooring is the process of applying pigment to the planks for a desired color. While it is not a necessary step, staining is a technique commonly used to customize hardwood floors for a certain ambience, or to match the existing decor of a home.

Floor Coverings International Monmouth County has a few tips on hardwood staining to help homeowners decide whether a stain is right for their floors.

To Stain or Abstain?

Certain wood materials are regarded as being more beautiful in their natural state. These are hardwoods with strong natural tones that may not always pair well with a stain. Rosewood, mahogany, and maple are three such hardwoods that possess bold tones on their own, and may be best left unstained. In general, older or more porous hardwoods are the most receptive to a stain, while smoother, younger hardwoods represent a greater challenge.

Dark-Stained Hardwood

The tone of a hardwood says a lot about your home. A dark stain lends hardwood an elegant feel, or a refined, exotic beauty. Dark-stained hardwood is a more contemporary choice, and will tend to make a room cozier.

Dark reds and browns can provide a visual warming effect for onlookers, while extra-dark shades like ebony create an ambience of sleek luxury. Dark-stained floors will absorb light and bring a sense of intimacy to large rooms that may, on their own, feel too expansive or empty.

monmouth county hardwood floor stain

Light-Stained Hardwood

While somewhat less common than dark stains, there is a rustic, quaint honesty to light-stained hardwood. For light stains, homeowners might be looking for the burnished glow of golden-oak tones, or a sumptuous and eye-catching cherry shading.

Light stains leave much of the original hardwood’s raw texture for viewing, accentuating the grain and other shapely attractions in the planks.

With light-stained hardwood floors, small and naturally dark rooms may become more energetic and appear more expansive. The light stain reflects sunshine as well as interior lighting, bringing life to a room in need of vibrancy.

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