A stylish, eye-catching choice, dark hardwood can make a strong statement in your Monmouth County Home. Floor Coverings International Monmouth County has compiled our favorite tips for enhancing the look of dramatic, dark hardwood flooring.

Black Hardwood

Hardwood that’s almost black has a sleek, modern feel. Elevate it with modern furniture in shades of white and gray. Decor made from metal works well in these rooms, creating an edgy vibe.

To keep a room looking large and bright, contrast your dark hardwood floors with white, cream, and pops of color. Bright colors will stand out against the dark flooring. This creates eye-catching contrast and keeps the room from looking too dark. Yellow and lime green are some of our favorite shades to accent black hardwood.

You can create a truly modern room by complimenting your dark hardwood flooring with modern furniture in shades of gray and white. Or, soften the look with lots of green and white to create an oasis. Adding lighter wood tones, such as bamboo, can enhance this effect.

Rich Brown Hardwood

Hardwood in traditional shades of deep brown is a versatile addition to any home. A variety of colors and decor can match these floors. Strong shades, such as royal blue, stand out against the wood. While decorating in white will bring light to the room, we recommend cream to compliment the warmth of the flooring.

While black or gray hardwood flooring feels modern, shades of red and brown often have a more rustic feel. Antique furniture painted in light shades enhances a rustic wood, while draped fabrics and frayed rugs soften the look. We recommend decor made from brass, wrought iron, and wood.

dark hardwood flooring

Dark Red Hardwood

Dark red hardwoods make a powerful statement. While intimidating on the surface, dark red hardwood can suit a variety of colors and styles. Contrast the richness with white, gray, and soft blues. Or, compliment the warmth with shades of cream and gold. Just be sure to avoid adding red decor—the similar but different shades can clash.

We recommending choosing comfortable decor and furniture: plush pillows, draping blankets, and soft area rugs. Whether you go with contrasting cool tones or complimentary warm tones, this will bring a sense of luxury and coziness to your home.

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