hardwood dining room Iriana Shiyan

It can happen to anyone; an unsightly scratch suddenly mars that beautiful new floor! Whether you’re getting ready for moving day or just want to protect against daily furniture dangers, these tips from Floor Coverings International in Monmouth will keep your hardwood and laminate floors looking new for years to come.

Use a rug.

Area rugs are a great option for protecting floors. Plus, they add style to the room! If you have a heavy piece of furniture that tends to slide around like a love seat or recliner, place it on a rug and your job is done! If you want to protect the floors even more, add a protective pad underneath your rug.

Look for wheels.

If you have a piece of furniture that you know will me moving around a lot, it’s a great idea to invest in castors. Some pieces like bar carts even come with wheels so you can install them right away. Wheels should be cleaned regularly; if dirt or debris gets attached it can cause scratches.

Lift, don’t push.

If you have to move a large piece of furniture, it’s worth finding a helper so that it can be lifted rather than pushed. Even with protectors like felt pads, heavier pieces of furniture can damage the floor when you slide it.

Keep an eye on the legs.

This is especially important for furniture like kitchen chairs that move regularly. Felt pads and rubber protectors can get damaged, so it’s important to check on these periodically to make sure they don’t need to be replaced. Chairs that don’t require these protectors should be checked as well. If a leg is damaged in any way, it could create a rough area that will scratch your floor.

Protecting floors is an on-going task, but the reward is a beautiful floor that looks great for years. We hope these tips from Monmouth’s Floor Coverings International help you keep every floor in your home looking like new.

Photo © Iriana Shiyan