Many draw inspiration from the baroque time period because of its drama, attention to details, and elegance. While not for the faint of heart, it is a great style to draw from if you are looking to really wow your guests. At Floor Coverings International of Monmouth, we’re here to help you do this by giving you some ideas to bring this style into your home.


The main rule when following Baroque is that almost nothing is too over the top. Look for details and added ornamentation in furniture, mirrors, and lamp bases. Each piece should be able to act as a statement piece if it was the only thing in a room. With Italian Baroque pieces, furniture was meant to show power and social class.


Baroque art and architecture was known for creating drama. One way was to create contrast through color. Take Caravaggio’s extreme use of chiaroscuro to really show how light and dark add drama. To imitate this in your room consider a contrasting color palette. For example, if you have white walls, go for black furniture pieces and dark floors. Colors that are more traditionally baroque include rich reds, vibrant blues, and gold.


Having gilded, gold accents will give a space a very elegant and formal feeling. Gold accents are a very traditional baroque element. Have dark walls for a more Italian approach, and lighter walls like a yellow for a French approach. This lighter style, in the French Baroque, would eventually move into the Rococo period.  While Baroque doesn’t naturally favor symmetry, it does occur quite often. The Baroque style more often favors a focal point; a point or area that your eye should be drawn to. Your room, while having detailed pieces, should be able to draw and highlight one particular area of the room. These contrasting rules make achieving a true baroque room more difficult than some first believe.


The Baroque style often found ways to fluidly encompass architecture, paintings, and the arts. Draw from this by creating a room that is harmonious with all of its pieces. Draperies, upholstery, and flooring accessories (anything dealing with fabric) should feel similar to provide continuity but be unique enough to provide value to the room.


For the most dramatic effect choose a marble floor. This will be sure to wow guests. Warm it up with an intricate rug. Tassels along the edges would be appropriate to create drama. Parquet flooring is another great option and is often seen in the Palace of Versailles. When laid out, the effect is very visual and can add a great elegance to your room.


If you’re not feeling particularly daring to go full baroque, take elements from the style and modernize them. For example, look for ornamentation and details in furniture pieces, but in a painted white or black instead of gold to help fit into a more casual space. In addition, mix funky colors like a bright fuchsia or lime green and to help the style feel less stuffy.   


The next time you are looking for inspiration for your home project, give us a call at FCI Monmouth! We can help you from the beginning of the flooring design process all the way through the installation process.