cork flooring in basement living room

Cork flooring is both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable thanks to the natural beauty of cork and the controlled and thoughtful way that cork is harvested. Cork is not a hardwood, even though it comes from the cork oak tree. It’s an alternative to hardwood floors and it adds a bit of exotic luxury to Monmouth County homes. But is it right for your home? Our experts at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County are here to help you decide!


Cork flooring offers an elevated option over traditional hardwood floors. It is a softer and forgiving flooring that adds a bit of cushion to bare feet. It is the softness of cork that adds to its durability, which allows the surface to slightly compress under pressure and weight, and then spring back to its normal shape. That feature helps to prevent the abrasive action caused by shoes on a hard surface. It is also kind to feet and joints, especially in situations where you have to stand for long periods.

Is Softer Flooring Bad?

The short answer? Not at all! Like all flooring choices, how and where cork flooring is used is an important consideration. Heavy furniture can leave indentations and more permanent marks on cork flooring if left for lengthy periods of time. Like carpet flooring, we recommend placing pads under the feet of your heavier items to prevent indentations as well as periodically moving your furniture. For extended longevity, we also recommend removing your shoes inside your home and avoid direct contact with sharp heels or sports cleats that could potentially scrape or gouge your floors.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Cork Flooring

Like hardwood and other natural flooring materials, it is essential to use only approved cork cleaning products. Cork stands up to broom and dustpan usage and keeping it free of grit is a good thing. Professionally applied sealants make deep cleaning a snap, and you should be sure to clean up spills quickly as they can absorb into the flooring.

More Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork is considered an upscale flooring and like many hardwoods helps to improve home value. Cork can last for 30 or more years making this an excellent investment. When properly cared for, cork flooring can rival hardwood for durability and longevity. It also has superior insulating properties due to its natural design. Beyond the multitude of color options, you have the beautiful patterns that add a healthy dose of luxury to your living environment.

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Photo credit: ©Elena Elisseeva