You may think that hardwood flooring is not the best choice for your crazy dog at home. Here in Monmouth County, it’s more prone to dent and scratch over time compared to carpets. This may be true, but there’s no reason why you can’t continue to upgrade the elegance of your interior with a classy hardwood finish while keeping your pet from tearing up your floor for good. What kinds of hardwood are best for maintaining throughout the constant wear and tear?


Bamboo can vary greatly depending on the type. Most kinds of bamboo aren’t great with scratches and are prone to dents. However, strand bamboo can be very strong and will hold up for a long time. If you have pets and want a bamboo option, this is definitely the way to go.


Sometimes, scratches are inevitable. The hardness of a particular wood doesn’t matter if your dog is really clawing down on your floor. At times like these, you’ll want to simply hide these scratches and that’s where graining comes into play. Oak is great at hiding scratches due to its strong graining, so those scratches are not easily seen. This is a great option for flooring if you have
a pet.


Hardwoods like hickory make a great choice for their durability. Hickory is ideal because it’s extremely hard so scratches and dents are really difficult to make. In addition, consider scraped or distressed hardwoods for not only the rustic look, but also for the knots and character marks that will additionally hide scratches. Not only will you get a rustic looking floor, but also it will last for years and years.

Obviously, you’ll want to stay away from the softer woods like American walnut, American cherry and pine. These woods dent very easily and despite their beauty, they’re just not very practical if you have a pet. There definitely are a few hardwood flooring options that prevent scratches and hold up better to the constant wear and tear caused by your dog. If you’re concerned about pets peeing on the hardwood, there’s not much that we can tell you unfortunately. Clean it as quickly as possible because no hardwood will stand up to a big puddle of urine over time. Of course, a carpet will not really help with that either.