Although it seems that style today is constantly pushing forwards to more futuristic, streamlined, and minimal designs, there is in fact a popular drive in the opposite direction as well. The rustic design movement strives to reclaim a more natural, down-to-earth design sensibility. Are you thinking about incorporating a more rustic feel to your home? Here are some tips for designing your space to fit this theme.

 Rustic Design Monmouth Flooring

Natural Sources and Materials

The fundamentals of rustic design revolve around the use of natural sources and materials. Four of the most-used materials are wood, stone, metal, and leather; often these are combined. For instance, a chair might use wooden legs, leather upholstery, and brass studs. Although some artificial materials, like imitation leather, may be used, generally wholly artificial products like basic plastic are avoided.

Lived-In Look

Another main feature of rustic design is a lived-in look. Rather than looking for a pristine, brand-new look, rustic design instead advocates for a more used appearance. This isn’t simply looking for messy or broken-down items, but rather ones that have a comfortable level of wear that imply a history of loving use. If you are buying new, make sure you look for higher-quality pieces that can hold up to years of wear.

Found Objects

Another interesting facet of rustic design is the use of found objects. Accessorizing is done with older items, like antiques or heirlooms. Be they books, hunting trophies, clocks, or simple wrought-iron shapes, accessorizing with unique items is a great way to enhance any space.


Finally, natural floors provide a solid foundation to base the style on. Hardwood floors are a good choice. Look for a variety that emphasizes the natural, uneven nature of wood over an overly unnatural surface. Another option is to use stone tile. Both of these materials fall into the natural, rustic feeling bucket. Don’t hesitate to call Floor Coverings International in Monmouth County, NJ for all your flooring needs. We offer free in-home consultations!