Bamboo flooring in modern living room

Bamboo Flooring can be a great flooring option for homes in the greater Freehold area for anyone who wants a durable and beautiful floor made from a green, sustainable product. At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we offer a wide variety of bamboo flooring products and think you should learn more about its many benefits. Read more from our flooring experts below!

Bamboo is a Sustainable Flooring Product

Unlike any hardwood product, bamboo is a type of grass that grows as a multipurpose crop all over the world. It is also highly resistant to disease and pests so more of the plant’s energy can go into producing healthy, beautiful stalks, which gives it the ability to grow quickly. In fact, there are many aspects of bamboo that make it a green and natural resource. New plants grow from the roots, which means that this is a no-till crop and quickly regrows. It requires minimal inputs, such as fertilizers or pesticides, which makes this a crop with low environmental impact. Its fast growth rate and little to no chemical inputs adds significantly to the sustainable and environmentally friendly nature of bamboo as a flooring option.

How Strong is Bamboo?

Bamboo makes a very durable flooring that can be as strong or stronger than oak hardwood flooring. Is bamboo an excellent choice for Greater Freehold homes? For most homes and commercial applications, the answer to that question is yes. One pitfall of bamboo is that it rapidly deteriorates if submerged in water, so not a perfect choice in the 100-year flood zone, but otherwise it is a remarkable flooring material. There are many quality sealers for bamboo making this an excellent flooring option in kitchens and bathrooms too.

How Durable is Bamboo Flooring?

Higher quality bamboo flooring will hold up just as well as traditional hardwood floors. With proper care, bamboo flooring for your home is guaranteed to last and look great while doing so. Proper maintenance is all you need to keep your floors looking there best. Consider choosing strand-woven bamboo flooring for even tougher durability.

Additional Features of Bamboo Flooring

One of the benefits of bamboo flooring is that it is dense and it will handle furniture without denting. It is also resurface-friendly, so it can look nice for decades. Perhaps one of the most alluring features of bamboo is that can look like a more exotic hardwood flooring but without the huge price tag. It’s available in many colors and design options.

Color Options For Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring comes in a fantastic range of color options to find the perfect match for your Freehold home. Natural bamboo ranges in color from black to nearly white and many options in between. The vast array of colors makes bamboo an easy flooring option for home design allowing you to get creative and find floors that elevate the look of nearly any space.

Find the Best Flooring and Expertise at Floor Coverings International

Is bamboo flooring right for your home? Find out with a free in-home consultation and estimate from Floor Coverings International Monmouth County. As your local Freehold flooring experts, we offer many flooring options and an abundance of advice specifically tailored to your home or business flooring needs.

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