Do you find yourself exceedingly frustrated with a small space in your Ocean County home? If so, it might be time to consider the power flooring has in creating the illusion of largeness! Our design experts at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County have transformed many small spaces with a simple change in flooring. We are here to share some of our best tips and tricks below!

Dark or Light?

Hardwood for Small Spaces Monmouth

Homeowners are often under the impression that they must avoid dark colors in small spaces. But, this shouldn’t prevent you from going for those stunning dark hardwoods. The key in combining dark with small is to emphasize contrast. Contrast between light and dark creates depth, and depth can increase the appearance of any room. Of course, if you love light floors, light colors will always reflect light for an open, airy, vaster looking space.

Direction Matters

The direction your flooring is installed can make a huge difference in tricking our eyes to think the space looks big, as well! Rather than the traditional straight installation of tile squares or hardwood, opt for a diagonal pattern. This will elongate the leading lines of your floor and open up the smallest of rooms.

flooring for small spaces monmouthAvoid Clutter

No matter what type of flooring you choose, you want to avoid clutter. Stray away from hardwoods with a big variety in woodgrain and tone. Similarly, area rugs with busy patterns will quickly take up more visual space than you may have to spare. An upcoming trend in hardwood flooring patterns, however, might work in small spaces. A chevron or herringbone pattern can elongate a room with arrow like patterns. Hardwood patterns are the statement piece in a small room, so you can avoid clutter elsewhere such as wall art!

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