carpet tile floors MonmouthMost people love carpet flooring because it offers unmatched comfort. But when it comes to making a final decision about the floors in your home, you might have some misgivings about the upkeep required for wall-to-wall carpet. Perhaps you’ve heard that carpet requires constant deep cleaning, or that once you spill a glass of wine you’ll have to tear up the entire floor. But is this really the case?

The carpet flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County are here today with an option you might want to consider if you’re interested in carpet, but you want to be sure that your floors can handle high-traffic and frequent use. Read on to learn all about carpet tiles!

What Are Carpet Tiles?

carpet tile flooring Monmouth

Also known as carpet squares, this style of flooring is actually a type of modular carpet that come in individual pieces, rather than in a single, large broadloom piece. Carpet tiles have long been used in commercial spaces, but as homeowners become aware of their obvious benefits, they’ve also found their way into residential spaces. Most often, carpet tiles are of a tightly woven, Berber-style, loop pile construction.

Where to Use Carpet Tiles

Because they’re cut into separate pieces before they’re installed in your home, you have much more control over pattern, design, and color than you would when choosing a normal carpet or area rug. The greater level of control that comes with carpet tiles makes them suitable for just about any room in your house—but carpet tiles are especially useful in rooms where you anticipate occasionally needing to replace the carpet. Kids’ rooms, home-gyms, offices, hallways, dining areas, and living rooms are all spaces that might benefit from being covered with carpet tiles.

What Makes Carpet Tiles So Low-Maintenance?

Besides the fact that you can get carpet tiles made of stain resistant olefin, triexta, or polyester fibers, the thing that makes these simple squares so amazing is that if one of them gets damaged or stained, you can simply rip it off and put down a new one. That’s it. Problem solved. Imagine the savings, efficiency, and peace of mind—and all without sacrificing the comfort and insulation of regular broadloom carpet!

Start Your Next Carpet Project Today

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