Hardwood floors are a classic, timeless flooring choice. Hardwoods never go out of style and come in a wide variety of colors and styles that fit any home décor style. In order to get the most from your hardwoods, it’s important that you care for them properly. Read on for some of our best tips on keeping your hardwoods in good condition and looking like new!


Protecting your hardwoods from dirt, moisture and foot traffic is key to their longevity. Using rugs and mats is one of the best ways to protect your hardwoods. Lay down heavy-duty doormats on either side of each entrance into your home. This is the first layer of protection against dirt and mud that may get tracked in on the bottom of shoes. Adding a shoe rack or boot tray is also a good idea, especially in the winter months. This will encourage friends and family members to remove their shoes when they enter your home. Use area rugs and runners in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens to keep dirt, food and water off of your hardwoods.


In addition to using rugs and mats, it’s also important to keep up a regular cleaning schedule. Hardwoods aren’t high-maintenance floors, but it is important to sweep on a regular basis to remove any dirt or grit that could scratch the surface of your hardwoods. Wood floors also require damp mopping occasionally – the frequency depends on how much use they get. Hardwood floors in the kitchen will require more cleaning than hardwood floors in a guest bedroom, for example. Wood floors don’t do well with moisture, so it’s important to promptly clean up any standing water or spills to keep the planks from warping over time.


Depending on their usage and care, your hardwoods will also need to be refinished or resealed at some point. There’s no set timetable for when this will need to happen, but in general it will be every 10 years or so. Resealing will help repel moisture and seal your hardwoods against dirt and grit. Refinishing old hardwoods is a great way to revitalize worn, scuffed or scratched floorboards.

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