Ocean City clean kitchen floor A steep challenge for any homeowner is keeping a sparkling-clean kitchen, and homes in Ocean City are no exception. Spills and other food mishaps are more likely to happen in kitchens than anywhere else in a living space. Thus, whether you’re a sous-chef or a cook in training, it always helps to know how to keep kitchen floors clean and pristine. Today, Floor Coverings International Monmouth County presents a few quick tips to guide both kitchen floor choice and maintenance.

Care in the Kitchen

Stains make life difficult when they seep into very small openings in your kitchen floor. When a spill inevitably happens in your kitchen, it will be harder to deal with if the floor is porous, as with tile or hardwood. Scuffs and scratches are basically just tiny crevices, and they create more space for a spill to occupy. There in your floor, the spill will wreak a bit of havoc.

If you would like a new floor installed in your Millstone kitchen, you might have an easier time with porcelain or glazed ceramic tiles. We often recommend a sealant for unglazed tiles, so that your kitchen floor stays smooth and undamaged.

Ocean City clean kitchen floor

Prevent with Intent

Prevent challenging kitchen cleanups by controlling for issues that might lead to a scuffed and scratched floor. Pets in the kitchen can cause floor damage with their claws, and particles from outside can be dragged in with shoes.

Over time, these factors have the potential to create tiny nicks in your floors and allow spills to seep in deeper. If you’re an animal person, go for some glazed tile for the extra protection. No one is a dirt person, so be sure to leave your shoes at the door!

Place a few floor mats in your kitchen near the sink and stove. When mopping, you only need a modest amount of soap and water – too much liquid can damage the grout, or even the flooring itself. Once in awhile, quickly examine your kitchen pipes. This way, you catch mold and problem leakage before they happen.

Where Will You be When Spills Strike?

In the event of a spill, the important thing is to act fast. The longer a spill remains, the further it will seep into your kitchen flooring. It’s pretty intuitive to use soft cloths or gently applied paper towels and soak up the spill, diverting it from the floor’s crevices. If your floor is not glazed or sealed, it is especially important to avoid harsh or acidic cleaning agents during this process.

Kitchen Flooring and So Much More

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