While hardwood, carpet and tile are popular flooring choices (and for good reason!), many homeowners are looking to more unique flooring options to give their home a one-of-a-kind look. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite non-traditional floors.



We bet you’ve never thought of putting concrete in your kitchen! A far cry from the concrete you’ll find on the sidewalk outside, this modern flooring choice is becoming more and more popular with homeowners who love its minimalistic look. Sleek and minimalistic, concrete floors are stunning in modern and contemporary homes. While we wouldn’t recommend concrete floors in your bedroom or living room, they work well in kitchens, entryways, and hallways. Accent concrete floors with plush rugs for a touch of warmth and visual interest, or leave them bare to showcase their uniqueness. Concrete is incredibly durable, and it also comes in a variety of shades and textures.



Glass is another unique flooring choice that makes a big statement. Use glass floors to highlight and enhance the natural light in your home. This flooring material is ideal for staircases and walkways, or anywhere you want to create visual drama.



Cork flooring’s eco-friendly sidekick bamboo may be considered a mainstream flooring choice, but cork floors are still considered unique. Cork is ideal for homes that want a green, non-traditional flooring choice that still functions well within their home. Cork is a sustainable and renewable resource, so if having environmentally floors is important, cork should be at the top of your list. Great in kitchens or anywhere you’d install traditional hardwood, cork is soft underfoot and comes in a wide variety of shades, allowing you to make a subtle – or bold – statement.


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