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At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we aim to bring you the latest tips and tricks from the flooring world to keep your home in its best shape.  Read on to learn our best tips for cleaning your hardwood flooring, from the very basics to the strategies for taking on tougher jobs.

The Basics

A broom and dustpan are generally all that is needed to clean hardwood floors. Your floors may also require periodic hardwood refinishing and scratch repair depending on the traffic they receive. When cleaning hardwood floors, keep in mind that excessive water and some detergents can damage wood floors, so always start with the gentlest cleaning agent first and move to stronger detergents as the job merits them. It’s also important to remember to choose a cleaning agent that is specially formulated for your floors; even wood cleaners that are safe to use on wood furniture can be damaging to wood floors. After you’ve cleaned your hardwood flooring, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the excess of your wood cleaner from your baseboards and to add a little shine.  The microfiber cloth will also clear away smaller pieces of dust and grime.

For Tougher Jobs

Not every hardwood floor cleaning job is easily accomplished with a broom or a mop.  If you need to clear large pieces of debris or to clean between the grooves of your hardwood floors, you can use a vacuum without the beater bar.  This option is also a great way to clean those hard-to-reach areas near your baseboards.

If you’re interested in deeper cleaning for your hardwood floors, the right method for you depends on the material and finish of your hardwood floor. Many prefinished hardwood floors require specific cleaning products in order to preserve the protective finish. It’s best to consult the manufacturer or Floor Coverings International in Monmouth County, New Jersey for instructions on cleaning hardwood flooring.

Call in the Experts

Depending on the amount of traffic and damage, refinishing hardwood floors may be necessary to keep your finish looking like new. If your existing hardwood flooring looks a little tired, call in the experts at Floor Coverings International Monmouth.  We’re happy to refinish your hardwood flooring and bring restore them back to their original shine.

For more tips and advice on cleaning hardwood floors, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International today. If you need to refinish your hardwood floors, or are in search of a new flooring option, call now to schedule your free, in-home estimate! Serving the greater Freehold, Holmdel, Manalapan, and Marlboro, New Jersey areas.

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