Any homeowner who has had to deal with moldy carpet and cracking hardwood floors knows that in Freehold, basement flooring can be a big headache. The biggest problem is that in Freehold, basement floors often are exposed to excessive moisture. Bad drainage systems, poor moisture barriers in the basement walls, and humid weather all contribute to moisture problems in many basements.

For houses in Freehold, basement floors should be selected based on how well they stand up in damp conditions. Though many people love hardwood flooring and want it throughout their entire home, hardwoods will not be the ideal choice for your Freehold basement. Flooring that is comprised of all hardwood will expand and contract based on temperature and moisture levels, which can cause cracking. In addition, in Freehold, basement flooring that is made of solid hardwood can warp when expose to moisture over a long period of time. A good alternative to hardwood flooring is laminate flooring. It will provide the same look as hardwood but is designed to withstand much higher moisture levels than solid hardwood. In Freehold, basement floors with moisture resistant qualities are very valuable for homeowners with damp basements.

Another type of flooring that many consider for their basements is carpet, because it is comfortable and affordable. However, in Freehold, basement floors that have had carpet laid down can often develop a musty smell. Carpet fibers tend to absorb water which can also create mildew problems.

So what is the ideal flooring for your basement in Freehold? Basement floors that are water resistant and can withstand moisture are the safest choice. If your basement is unfinished and you plan to keep it that way or use it as a workshop or home gym, then concrete flooring is a good choice. For basements that are used more frequently in Freehold, basement floors made of vinyl or linoleum will also stand up well against moisture.

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