Plank flooring differentiates itself from strip flooring by width. Generally, wood flooring wider than
3 inches is defined as plank flooring. Considered the most traditional of wood flooring in Freehold,
plank flooring is often selected for rustic applications because it resembles the style of wood used
in pre-20th century buildings. This creates an added dimension and character to the floor that is
not possible with a strip floor product.

In Freehold, plank flooring comes in two thicknesses of either ½ inch or ¾ inch and a variety of
widths ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches. With such a breadth of selection in widths, customers
can create unique styling with plank flooring that is unachievable with other types of hardwood
flooring. Perfect for your living room, dining room, and hallway, plank flooring will provide your
home with impressive styling.

The most common species in Freehold for plank flooring include oak, cedar, ebony redwood,
ironwood, and even cork. These particular hardwoods are resilient to heavy foot traffic and with
proper care and protection, will last several generations in a home. Adding both unique character
and considerable value once installed, it is easy to understand why plank flooring is so desirable.
Unlike strip flooring, hardwood plank flooring often utilizes wood that is less processed and shows
the detailed organic intricacies. Although this adds character, these imperfections can leave
slight gaps between each plank. The imperfections will often make installation of Freehold plank
flooring more time-consuming because of the care and attention required to properly align each
plank before securing. Wider planks are more susceptible to moisture and humidity; therefore, it
is essential that the planks are installed properly to avoid excessive swelling.

Although most customers choose to select natural hardwoods for their Freehold plank floors,
there are some engineered options available. Some may feel these products don’t offer as much
organic beauty or character, however, they are less expensive and more resilient to moisture and
can be an excellent option.

Once installed, you will immediately enjoy the benefits of having plank flooring in your home.
Advantages of wood floors include ease of cleaning and the additional value they bring to your
home near Freehold. Plank flooring is the ideal choice for allergy-conscious homeowners, dust
and dander is easily cleaned, improving the air quality of your home significantly.

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