Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Monmouth

No matter how well you look after your carpets, stains will accumulate over time. Your carpets can look old and dingy in no time at all. Regular cleaning brightens up the carpet and removes stains, but many carpet cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals and emit strong odors.  How do you deep clean your carpets without causing harm to yourself and the air around you? Let’s take a look at a few tips.

Natural Homemade Remedies

A few household products can clean your carpets effectively. You probably already have these products in your home. Mixing one part borax with two parts cornmeal makes a carpet powder that can remove stains, prevent mold and deodorizes too! After you sprinkle the mixture over your carpet, wait for an hour before vacuuming. For problem spots, we recommend mixing a quarter cup of vegetable oil-based liquid soap and three tablespoons of water. Whip the ingredients together with an eggbeater and rub foam into your stained areas. After rinsing well with water, your problem areas will look like new and you won’t have to suffer any chemical overdoses! There are many similar techniques using different ingredients like lemon juice and salt for instance.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners clean deep into carpet fibers using heated and pressurized vapor. You can prevent chemicals from seeping into your indoor atmosphere by replacing the commercial detergent with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Then, steam clean away to restore your carpet’s beauty. When dry, the vinegar scent actually disappears.

Take Off Your Shoes!

An often-overlooked option is making sure everyone takes shoes off when they come into the home. Not only does it keep dirt out, but also it prevents the other gunk that builds up on the bottom of your shoes like asphalt, pesticides, oil and grass from seeping into your carpet. Of course, walking barefoot can also be a problem as the natural oil in the skin can infiltrate your carpet as well. Walking barefoot or with socks on are your best bets.

There you have it. Three tried and true options for cleaning your carpets without polluting your home with toxic chemicals. Give the professionals at Floor Coverings International of Monmouth County a call for all your carpeting needs.