Frieze carpet Freehold, NJYou may not recognize the name frieze, but you’d most likely recognize the carpet if you saw it. It’s one of the most widely used styles of carpet flooring in the Monmouth and Ocean County areas today. It’s affordable, low maintenance, versatile, and comes in a variety of color options.

From Shag to Frieze

Although it is not the same as shag carpet, frieze more or less evolved from shag and is sometimes called the “new and improved shag carpet.” Some people confuse frieze carpet with shag carpet because of their similar qualities. Shag carpet is known for its extreme softness, which is caused by the very long fibers that have loose twists. Frieze has noticeably shorter fibers that have been tightly twisted many times. These tight twists cause the fibers to curl over at the top; something that shag carpet doesn’t do as much. To sum up the difference between the two, shag is more a luxury carpet style, whereas frieze has more practical qualities.

Benefits of Frieze Carpet

As mentioned above, frieze carpet is very versatile. It’s a casual material but still has the ability to add elegance to the room in which it is installed. It comes in many color options, but is limited to simple patterns because of its already textured construction. The curling of the fibers conceals dirt in the carpet, hiding imperfections and allowing it to almost always look clean. Of course regular vacuuming is still recommended, but beyond that, not much has to be done to maintain it. The tightly twisted strands contribute to frieze’s durability and help it stand up well against daily wear and tear. It is ideal for areas that receive high foot traffic, such as living rooms and hallways. Its soft and comfortable feel underfoot also makes it a common choice for Freehold bedrooms.

Floor Coverings International Can Help

If you are in need of either a casual or elegant carpet style that is durable, affordable, and can be lived on without easily breaking down, look no further. Frieze might be the perfect option for your Freehold home! Call Floor Coverings International Monmouth County today and schedule a free in-home estimate and design consultation. We’ll bring the samples right to your door, and help guide you through the entire flooring installation process.


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Photo Credit: Mikhail Klyoshev