saxony carpet in Monmouth County homeWhether or not you know it by name, Saxony carpet is most often what comes to mind when you think of carpet. It’s a classic wall-to-wall carpeting option that homeowners love for its warmth and versatile design.

Floor Coverings International Monmouth County carries a great selection of carpet flooring for projects of any budget or size. We partner with top manufacturers to make sure you find the quality product that’s right for your needs. That includes Saxony carpet, and our flooring team is here to tell you more about it.

Construction and Material

Saxony is a cut-loop carpeting with plush, dense pile that is typically between 1.5 and 2cm in length. Most varieties of Saxony are made of nylon, which is one of the most durable carpeting materials available. As with any carpet, Saxony comes in a range of qualities, which can have a big impact on the cost and lifespan of the carpet. Fortunately, when you choose Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, you’ll get to work with our knowledgeable Design Associate who will help you find the right balance between cost and quality for your project.

Straight vs. Textured

Like many cut-loop styles, Saxony’s fibers are twisted, and the direction of that twist splits Saxony into two distinct styles: straight, and textured.

Straight Saxony consists of carpet fibers that are all twisted in the same direction to create a uniform surface that’s soft to the touch. This softness creates a sense of luxury that looks great in bedrooms and more formal living rooms. An important thing to know about this style of carpet is that easily shows vacuum tracks and footprints, which some might not like the look of.

On the other hand, the fibers of textured Saxony are twisted in alternating directions, which helps eliminate the appearance of vacuum tracks and foot traffic. It’s a great choice for areas such as hallways and stairs, or for homes with pets and children.

Maintenance and Care

Overall, Saxony is a durable carpeting choice when properly maintained. While carpeting with longer pile requires extra care and attention, regular vacuuming is all that’s needed to keep your Saxony carpets looking like new. To prevent excess dirt and debris from building in your carpets, we recommend annual or bi-annual shampooing and steaming that will help extend the life of your floors. It’s also important to routinely shift your furniture to avoid permanent marks and grooves in your carpets.

Learn More

To find out if Saxony is the right carpet for your Monmouth-area home, call your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County today and schedule your free design consultation. We’ll bring our mobile showroom right to your door to help you find your perfect floors!

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