At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we carry a wide selection of cork flooring options for local homeowners. Cork has a long list of benefits making it an incredible flooring solution in any space. Read on below to explore a few reasons why we love this versatile material!

A Note From Our Owner

“We are pleased to offer cork as a green flooring option, and our customers are even more pleased with the results and benefits of cork flooring. Contact Floor Coverings International of Freehold to learn more about cork flooring and our great selection of flooring options.” – Mike Killeen, Owner

cork flooring monmouth countyEco-Friendly

More homeowners are interested in the eco-friendly aspect of their new floors. Cork, harvested from the bark of cork trees, is a perfect sustainable flooring option because of its rapid regrowth in nature. The natural beauty is both great for the planet and a stunning addition to your home.

Soft and Durable

As you walk across a cork floor, you will feel how it absorbs the weight and then springs back. This makes cork more comfortable to stand and walk on compared to other, harder flooring materials. Homeowners love the addition of cork in spaces where you might stand a lot, such as kitchens and laundry rooms. Additionally, the softer material makes it durable against scratches, dents, and spills. Cork is even hypoallergenic and fire-resistant!

Endless Style

Cork is extremely absorbent by nature, which means it will absorb many different stains. When you think of cork you might picture the tannish color of wine corks and bulletin boards, but that’s not the only color available! You can actually achieve a variety of shades ranging from light, dark, reds, blues, and more. This unique floor will truly make a visual statement in your home.

Get Started Today!

Are you interested in the stunning, natural beauty of cork floors? We work directly with nationally-recognized manufacturers to offer a huge selection of stunning flooring options at very reasonable prices. Reach out to our design experts at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County today and schedule a free, in-home consultation! We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Monmouth and Ocean County.

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