birch hardwood flooring FreeholdThere are so many different hardwood species for Freehold homeowners to choose from, it’s only natural that some of them get overshadowed in favor of the more popular ones. But what really makes a type of hardwood popular? In the case of red oak—by far the most popular hardwood for homes—popularity comes from the fact that the species is reliably strong, beautiful to look at, and affordable compared to other exotic hardwood varieties.

Believe it or not, birch hardwood has all of the same qualities that make red oak such an excellent choice for Freehold homeowners. The hardwood experts at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County are excited to introduce you to this oft-forgotten hardwood, and we’ll look at some of the reasons it might be right for your home.

What is Birch Hardwood?birch hardwood flooring kitchen Freehold

Growing all over the Northern Hemisphere, Birch trees are famous for their white bark and versatility. Birch trees are a source of edible syrup (similar to maple), medicine, and lumber. As a building material, the most important thing to know about birch is that it is incredibly strong for how light it is. With a Janka rating of 1200-1400 (depending on the species), it’s no wonder that Howard Hughes used this incredible wood to build the largest seaplane in history.

Why Choose Birch Hardwood?

Freehold homeowners choose birch for many reasons:

  • birch hardwood flooring kitchen FreeholdImpressive Janka rating translates to excellent durability, including scratch, scrape, and dent resistance
  • You can stain birch in a variety of hues to bring out natural bright colors or more muted tones
  • Gorgeous grain pattern resembles maple hardwood, one of the most popular species for wood flooring
  • An excellent long-term investment: refinish your birch floors up to 7 times
  • Domestic availability means that birch is often more affordable than other exotic hardwood species

Start Your Next Hardwood Flooring Project

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