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Monmouth County families love the look and feel of Brazilian teak. This dark and gorgeous hardwood makes an excellent addition to homes in the greater Monmouth and Ocean County area. At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we help families find the right hardwood for their home. Read on for more information about Brazilian teak and what makes it unique.


Brazilian teak comes in a range of colors from tan to medium brown with red undertones, however, with time and exposure to light, it all becomes a uniform medium brown. With minimal grading, this subtle hardwood works with any existing décor or aesthetic.


With a Janka hardness score of 3,540, Brazilian teak is one of the hardest species of wood on the planet. Domestic hardwood that we consider strong—such as white oak (1,360) and maple (1,450)—come nowhere close to the durability of Brazilian teak. This low-maintenance wood only requires light sweeping and vacuuming to maintain its gorgeous sheen. With such a high Janka score, this hardwood is a great choice for high traffic parts of the home, as well as families with children or pets.


Many Monmouth County families choose Brazilian teak in order to make a statement with their hardwood floors. Its rich, deep coloration always leaves a lasting impression with guests. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, this versatile hardwood can meet any of your design needs.

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At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we proudly carry thousands of flooring options, including Brazilian teak hardwood. We help Monmouth County homeowners with the entire flooring process—from selection to installation. We have found that many of our customers enjoy comparing hardwood samples from the comfort of their homes, which is why we created our mobile showroom option. Simply give us a call to schedule your free, in-home consultation, and we will bring the samples to you!

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