With its beautiful appearance, oak is a hardwood flooring staple across Monmouth County. Opting for engineered hardwood is the perfect way to get the traditional beauty of oak hardwood with the modern convenience of engineered hardwood flooring. Our friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County have broken down everything you should know about engineered oak flooring.

Appearance of Oak Hardwoodengineered oak hardwood monmouth county

The timeless style of oak hardwood blends in perfectly with many different décor styles. Composing nearly 50% of the hardwood flooring market, it is easily one of the most popular hardwood styles. There are two primary varieties: red oak and white oak.

If you are looking for a traditional aesthetic, red oak is the perfect option for your Monmouth County home. With red undertones and strong grain lines, it has personality. If you are looking for a minimalistic aesthetic, white oak is the right option for your home. Ranging from cream to dark brown, with subtle grain lines, white oak is a beautiful understated flooring style.

Sustainably Harvested

Both red and white oak are native to the eastern seaboard. The trees are sustainably grown and harvested in America. By purchasing a domestic species of wood, you are helping the American economy. Moreover, there is a reduction in pollution due to the lack of overseas shipping. While hardwood traditionally isn’t as eco-friendly as bamboo, a domestic species like oak hardwood is a great way to merge sustainability with traditional hardwood.

engineered oak flooring monmouth countyWhy Engineered Hardwood?

Unlike solid oak, engineered hardwood has a thin top layer of oak and a layer of plywood underneath. The under-layer of plywood results in an increased level of durability. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered oak flooring will not warp in water-prone areas of your home. While traditional oak flooring ranks high on the Janka Hardness Scale, the engineered version is widely considered to be more durable.

Unlike typical hardwood alternatives, engineered hardwood is constructed from solid wood. As a result, you won’t be installing an oak-look floor. Just like traditional hardwood, the oak surface of your flooring can be refinished a few times over its lifespan.

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