hickory hardwood flooring monmouth county

At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we work with families in the greater Monmouth and Ocean County area to find and install their dream floors. For many local homeowners, that means hickory. This unique American hardwood is prized for its strength as well as its beauty, and it has a long history in Monmouth County homes. Here is some more information about this truly unique hardwood:

Authentic Beauty

Hickory is among the most distinctive hardwoods because of its unique color grading. Whereas some hardwoods can have significant shifts in color from piece to piece, hickory has dramatic shifts from dark brown to beige in the same piece. This gives hickory a very rustic look and feel. Because of its unique coloration, most Monmouth County families choose plank and wide plank hickory. Anything under three inches in width tends to look busy.

Strong and Durable

In addition to its unique look and feel, hickory also stands out among hardwoods for its strength. With a Janka hardness score of 1,820, hickory is one of the toughest domestic hardwoods that we carry. Minimal maintenance—vacuuming, sweeping, and the occasional refinish—is all that’s needed to make this durable hardwood last for generations.

Local and Sustainable

Hickory is native to the United States and Canada and can be found anywhere east of the Mississippi. Because it is sustainably grown and harvested in North America, this hardwood generates less pollution when traveling from the forest to your home. You can sleep soundly knowing that your hickory floors had a minimal impact on the environment.

Getting Started

At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County we carry thousands of flooring options, including hickory. We believe that the best way to shop for floors is from the comfort of your home. That’s why we developed our mobile showroom option. Simply give us a call and we will deliver samples right to your door. Find your dream floors today!

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