oak hardwood in monmouth countyThere are two types of oak hardwood flooring: white oak hardwood and red oak hardwood. The former contains light, golden tones and the latter maintains a dark, rosy hue. Both are popular flooring options throughout Monmouth County, although white oak is often considered to be on the contemporary side, and red oak is often deemed more classic. Here we’ll be discussing the advantages offered by oak hardwood flooring as a whole. We encourage you to read on, and to consider adding either variety to your Monmouth County home!

Oak Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Durable—Like other hardwood varieties, oak hardwood flooring is strong and sturdy and tends to last homeowners a lifetime. It also presents an added benefit of natural water resistance. Unlike other hardwood varieties it won’t stain or warp if it comes in contact with water. This a huge advantage, especially for busy families with children and pets.

Variety—The neutral tones present in oak hardwood make it a popular flooring option because it can be stained to a nearly limitless number of hues. Both red and white oak rank high on the hardness scale and strongly resist scrapes and dents. The durability of oak hardwood allows it to withstand refinishing multiple times, which gives homeowners greater flexibility if they ever decide to change the finish of their flooring.

Here at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County we’d love to help you find the perfect hardwood floors for your home. We offer a wide selection, which we encourage you to take a look at in our product gallery. The finish and color that you choose for your white oak hardwood flooring will make a big impact on the overall look of the room in which it’s installed. Luckily, one of our design associates will gladly take a look at your décor and surrounding furniture before offering a final product recommendation. We proudly serve the greater Monmouth and Ocean County areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!

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