reclaimed hardwood floors FreeholdPerhaps you’ve heard the buzz: “upcycled” materials are all the rage, and one of our favorites is reclaimed hardwood. It looks great alongside industrial metal features, complements a minimalist aesthetic, and conveys a raw, artistic energy to any space.

But what exactly is reclaimed hardwood—and is there any reason to choose it, apart from its good looks? Today the experts at Floor Coverings International Monmouth County do a deep dive into this amazing material to answer your questions. If you want to know more after you finish, get in touch with us!

What Are Reclaimed Hardwood Floors?

You’ve probably seen reclaimed hardwood before, though it may not have been as part of a household floor. These gorgeous, rustic-looking planks are everywhere, from hip cafes to trendy downtown offices. Often you’ll see reclaimed hardwood taking the form of part of a table, chair, or wall siding.

reclaimed hardwood Freehold

Reclaimed hardwood is easy to identify by its distressed, timeworn look—and that’s because the materials actually come from old buildings and other structures like boxcars, barrels, and bowling alleys. It’s not uncommon to find reclaimed wood from a 50-100 year-old barn, factory, or some other building with incredible history. This is one of the biggest appeals of reclaimed hardwood: the ability to preserve a part of history, and make that history a part of your life.

These days, it’s more and more common to find reclaimed hardwood floors or other reclaimed wood features integrated into the spaces of your design-conscious friends. But it’s important to work with a local business like Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, since we have access to trustworthy suppliers and can differentiate between real reclaimed hardwood and low-quality knock-off planks that are deceptively made to look older than they are.

Should You Choose Reclaimed Hardwood Floors?reclaimed hardwood floors Freehold

So you know reclaimed hardwood floors are fashionable and attractive. But if environmental sustainability and extreme durability are as important to you as the appearance of your floors, reclaimed hardwood flooring might be the perfect choice for your Freehold home.

Its old age makes reclaimed hardwood extraordinarily climate-stable—a perfect choice for homes in areas with dramatic seasonal climate shifts. And keep in mind that reclaimed wood also reduces your environmental footprint, requiring no additional harvesting of new lumber.

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