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At Floor Coverings International Monmouth County, we provide quality flooring products and friendly service to Monmouth and Ocean County homeowners. With the thousands of flooring options available, we know that choosing just one hardwood can be daunting. One of the most common hardwoods found in Monmouth County homes is Red Oak. Read on to learn about why this strong and beautiful hardwood variety is so popular:

Meet the Oaks

There are hundreds of species of oak that grow in North America, but only two are used to make oak hardwood floors: red oak and white oak. Though they share a name, they are very different hardwoods.

White oak is simple and subtle. With straight, uniform grain lines and subdued swirls, this beige to dark brown hardwood feels right at home in modern aesthetics. White oak is slightly more durable than red due to its closed-pore cell structure.

Red oak—by comparison—is white oak’s wild and crazy cousin. Wavy grain lines and wild, exaggerated swirls make this hardwood option feel authentic and unique. What makes red oak stand out most is its light amber coloration with subtle red undertones. In natural light, red oak emits a warm glow.

Easy on the Environment

Many Monmouth County residents want flooring that is sustainably sourced. Red oak is native to the American eastern seaboard where it is grown and harvested. This means that your hardwood doesn’t have to be shipped from overseas. Red oak looks great and is great for the American economy.


A hallmark of hardwood flooring is its versatility, and red oak is no exception. Red oak is a lighter hardwood with colors ranging from yellow to medium brown. You can find red oak in a number of options, including: plank, wide plank, hand scraped, engineered, solid, and prefinished. For Monmouth County families searching for a hardwood alternative, we also carry red oak laminate and luxury vinyl tile.

Find Your Dream Floors

Monmouth and Ocean County area homeowners have long trusted Floor Coverings International Monmouth County with their flooring needs. Call to schedule a free in-home consultation, and find the floors of your dreams today!

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