Durable and Dramatic Natural Stone Tile

shutterstock_238723351 (c)SpeedKingzTravertine is one of the most popular natural stone tile floors available to homeowners throughout the Monmouth and Ocean County areas. It is well known throughout the world as a durable and dramatic material, and was used in famous structures such as the Colloseum in Rome and the Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris. Although your home may not be the same size as these structures, you can use travertine tile to add grandeur and style to your space. Here are some other considerations.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Like other flooring options, travertine is not without its benefits and drawbacks.

You can count on travertine to look great in your home for a number of years. It is extremely durable as evidenced by the number of historical buildings and structures that use travertine and are still around today. It will do well in high traffic areas like entryways, mudrooms, hallways, and kitchens. If you have pets, you can be sure that pet nails won’t damage your floors. In addition, travertine can withstand even the most difficult of temperature extremes which is perfect for the variable weather that occurs in the greater Holmdel, NJ area. Busy families on the go appreciate the fact that travertine is quite easy to clean – all that is usually needed is a brush and a very mild detergent.

On the other hand, travertine is known for being quite porous and delicate so even strong cleaning products can discolor or damage your tiles. Many homeowners fill and apply a sealant to their tiles to prevent this. As with other tile products, standing for a prolonged period of time on travertine can make joints feel sore. Be sure to use area rugs to help alleviate any possible discomfort.

If you’re not ready to commit to a travertine tile floor, try using it as a wall covering or kitchen backsplash. It will help add a warm and dramatic look to your space before installing it through out your home. If you want more information, check out our blog post! Having trouble visualizing how travertine will look in your home? Take advantage of our free, in-home design consultation! We can even provide a 3D rendering of a product to help you find the right floors for your Monmouth County, NJ home.

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